Instructions for registration of landlords and accommodation set up

In order to make it easier for caterers and private landlords to set up their accommodation capacities, we created a video explaining in detail how to register and set up your own accommodation.

The biggest problem that they have so far is the question "What is the object and what is the accommodation unit?". The object is a building where the accommodation units are located, which has their address. It can be a hotel, a hostel, a private house, a soliter, a log cabin, a villa ... Even if you have only one apartment in a facility, this faciluty, although not your own, is an object. Accommodation units include rooms, apartments, studios within the object. If you have more accommodation in different addresses (or even in other cities), you need to create facilities for each address separately.

When searching for accommodation, users search for objects. When they select an object, they will receive an offer of accommodation units from that facility. You can name both objects and accommodation units of your choice.

If you still have uncertainties, you have at your disposal operators who can help you set up and manage your accommodation or simply contact us by e-mail at


2 April 2019 7592 views